Monday, May 5, 2008

Hi OpenSolaris, hello world!

Ok, so it looks like this is my first blog post on my first blog.

It’s probably going to be about the stuff I’m interested in and maybe things happening in my RL, so that’s:

  • OpenSolaris
  • X11 (Xsun->Xorg->FOX)
  • Free Software
  • successor to MartUX
  • mathematics
  • data protection
  • random more or less fun ramblings ;)

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atar said...

Martin, are you still there?

First of all, thanks for your work!

Playing with MarTux I've got a few
- does it require some minimal OBP version to boot from a CD?
- Also the docu says that minimum is a 137Mhz U1. Why the frequency?
- Is a Non-E U1 not supported just because of LE, or are there other limitations as well?

Спасибо / Vielen Dank

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