Thursday, May 22, 2008

Adobe Reader on Solaris x86 coming in 2009!

reader_on_solaris_x86"After receiving hundreds of requests from users of Adobe Reader to release a version on Solaris x86 platform, here's something all of you have been waiting to hear - yes, the decision to add this support has been taken and we're planning to add Solaris x86 to our supported platforms list in the next release of Adobe Reader which might happen in 2009."

--->> Adobe, *thank you* for listening. Green light, indeed.
I'm running OpenSolaris both on SPARC and x86/x64, but the lack of a native Reader Version >= 4.x has been a significant limitation on x86. I'm relieved this milestone of an initial official announcement could be reached.

And congrats to the OpenSolaris community, which seems to be growing exponentially.

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